Be the “Bunny” – Energizer Bunny that is.

Energize your cells, body and mind in a matter of minutes with my “SUPER SMOOTHIE“. Over the almost 17 years of my expert all encompassing prescription vocation, there are a couple of wellness tools that rule. Furnishing the body with predictable, concentrated, simple to process supplements is one of these preeminent health apparatuses. One of the least demanding approaches to do that is with Smoothies. We want you to know about this because it is quite an interesting information so that we are using best cheap vps hosting to acknowledge more people. The web hosting is also providing us with HTML, MySQL database, PHP, and many other.

(move over energizer bunny)

Basic Recipe:

8-20 oz    of      One of the following three options:
1. Filtered Water
2. Filtered Water AND Aloe Vera Juice (Lily of the Desert, organic, no preservatives)Ratio: water 4 parts & aloe 1 part.
3. Rice, Almond, or Coconut milk AND Filtered Water.
Diluting the milk lowers sugar intake. Ratio 1 part water & 1 part milk.

2 TBSP               2 Heaping Tablespoons of Brown Rice Protein Powder
(plain, vanilla, berry, or chocolate)
It is wise to alternate quarterly between rice and other types of protein powders.

1 Cup                  Frozen Berries or Frozen Fruit of Your choice or 1 Banana.
Berries add a sweet taste to the smoothie  as well as provide beneficial bioflavonoids.

½ tsp  – 1 TBSP     Greens in Powder form – Alfalfa Juice, or Barley, or Wheat grass

1-2 TBSP                Flax Oil. Refrigeration required. Shake well before each use.

1 – 4 Cups                         Fresh Leaves of Spinach, or Chard, or Kale

**Don’t worry you won’t taste the “green” –the solidified berries/organic product are the predominant taste. If not, at that point add more fruit to your smoothie. Smoothies are Supposed to taste GOOD!

Requires a Blender or Vita-Mix sort apparatus. Put the fixings in the Blender, put the top on (less muddled that way) and mix until the point when it is the consistency you like. In the event that it isn't sufficiently sweet, you can simply include more solidified berries or organic product.

For thicker smoothie include less water as well as you can include rice/almond/coconut yogurt. For a less thick smoothie, include more water.

Many individuals make the most of their smoothie as a dinner substitution – particularly in the morning. Others appreciate having their smoothie 30-a hour prior or after an exercise. The Super Smoothie gives concentrated, simple to process supplements, and with one smoothie a day, you are probably going to see more vitality inside 3-10 days.

Soon, You too will be an energized happy hopper cheap vps hosting linux


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  1. I really need more energy, especially in the morning, but i dont have a lot of time. Does it take long to make this?

    • It is truly fast. The whole procedure from getting blender and all fixings out, to blending and tidying up – should take you under 7 minutes. I can do it in around 5, yet I have made such a variety of smoothies that I can presumably make them in my sleep ;-) Good Luck and ENJOY!!! The majority of my customers encountered a perceptible vitality increment inside 3 days of drinking a day by day smoothie, and the others saw inside seven days.

    • Extraordinary to hear that! Additionally it is truly simple to add straightforward fixings to your smoothie that assistance support and adjust health – help the safe framework, adjust sore, tight muscles,, help adjust hormones, and so on.
      It is great approach to expand wellbeing without essentially having to take a basic need sack loaded with supplements .

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