What YOU Focus on GROWS.



What You Focus On GROWS.

What Are You Watering: Weeds or Wellness, Traumas or Triumphs; Horrors or Happiness, Stress or Success?

What you concentrate on develops, and whether we thoroughly comprehend this or not, it incredibly influences every last one of us consistently. I welcome you to Challenge yourself and discover what you are watering. In wording my youngsters like "Would you say you are making doodoo or dreams?"

Observe whom and what stands out enough to be noticed. What are your prevail musings, emotions and activities? Which is your prevailing point of view – container half unfilled, glass half full, container running over, what cup? Answers to these inquiries will demonstrate to you which end of the range you possess increasingly – the stress, overpower, discouraged, miserable, dissatisfaction end, or the gratefulness, ease, energy, prosperous, cheerful end.

So what are you watering? In the event that it is the thing that you need a greater amount of – awesome continue doing what you are doing. In the event that then again, you're watering what you don't need, at that point time to move your watering can by moving your concentration onto a greater amount of what you need.

Some straightforward "watering" tips

1. In the event that it doesn't rest easy, at that point don't water it! Concentrate on it as meager as could reasonably be expected, and at the earliest opportunity, concentrate on something that feels great.

2. Tuning in to adverse individuals as well as news appears, and taking an interest in negative discussions, enables others to water your weeds. On the off chance that you would prefer not to get a greater amount of what you don't need, at that point quit tuning in and partaking in these sorts of discussions. Generally your weeds will develop quick and solid.

3. Spend as much time as is conceivable pondering and doing the things that make you cheerful. You are watering what you need a greater amount of.

4. Encircle yourself with constructive, cheerful, individuals, and are you watering your health, as well as so are they. Your wellbeing is on programmed sprinklers, and what you need becomes exponentially quick!

Conscious “Watering” (focusing) puts you firmly on the path of being able to create and live your best life.

DROPS OF JOY – You Are The Master Of Your JOY!



“I am the captain of my fate.  I am the master of my soul”.
William Earnest Henley, 1875

This quote really speaks to me, because it is so empowering and liberating!

When you realize that NO ONE other than yourself can truly determine how you feel, you are free!

Free from feeling like a victim, free from oppression, free from limitation, free from simply being a human reaction to life circumstances.

Sure it is easier to be joyful under joyful circumstances,
yet ultimately you can choose to be joyful under
any circumstances.

NO ONE can take your happiness, joy, or ease away unless
YOU CHOOSE to allow them to.


Are you mindful in your mastering?



Be the “Bunny” – Energizer Bunny that is.

Energize your cells, body and mind in a matter of minutes with my “SUPER SMOOTHIE“. Over the nearly 17 years of my professional holistic medicine career, there are a few wellness  tools that reign supreme. Providing the body with consistent, concentrated, easy to digest nutrients is one of these supreme wellness tools. One of the easiest ways to do that is with Smoothies.

(move over energizer bunny)

Basic Recipe:

8-20 oz    of      One of the following three options:
1. Filtered Water
2. Filtered Water AND Aloe Vera Juice (Lily of the Desert, organic, no preservatives)Ratio: water 4 parts & aloe 1 part.
3. Rice, Almond, or Coconut milk AND Filtered Water.
Diluting the milk lowers sugar intake. Ratio 1 part water & 1 part milk.

2 TBSP               2 Heaping Tablespoons of Brown Rice Protein Powder
(plain, vanilla, berry, or chocolate)
It is wise to alternate quarterly between rice and other types of protein powders.

1 Cup                  Frozen Berries or Frozen Fruit of Your choice or 1 Banana.
Berries add a sweet taste to the smoothie  as well as provide beneficial bioflavonoids.

½ tsp  – 1 TBSP     Greens in Powder form – Alfalfa Juice, or Barley, or Wheat grass

1-2 TBSP                Flax Oil. Refrigeration required. Shake well before each use.

1 – 4 Cups                         Fresh Leaves of Spinach, or Chard, or Kale

**Don’t worry you won’t taste the “green” – the frozen berries/fruit are the dominant taste. If not, then add more fruit to your smoothie. Smoothies are Supposed to taste GOOD!

Requires a Blender or Vita-Mix type appliance. Put the ingredients in the Blender, put the lid on (less messy that way) and blend until it is the consistency you like. If it isn’t sweet enough, you can always add more frozen berries or fruit.

For thicker smoothie add less water and/or you can add rice/almond/coconut yogurt. For a less thick smoothie, add more water.

Many people enjoy their smoothie as a meal replacement – especially in the morning. Others enjoy having their smoothie 30-60 minutes before or after a workout. The Super Smoothie provides concentrated, easy to digest nutrients, and with one smoothie a day, you are likely to notice more energy within 3-10 days.
Soon, You too will be an energized happy hopper :-)



Energy – The Elixir of Life.
Are you drinking your daily dose or simply pouring it down the drain
What does energy mean to you and your everyday life, and how are you utilizing it? When I talk of energy, I’m not speaking of electricity, satellite signals, or radio waves. I am speaking of the Energy that truly makes us who we are. Quantum physicists have proven that energy, in the form of information-filled frequencies, makes up all aspects of who we are, and our world around us. Skin, bones, thoughts, and feelings are made of unique frequencies. We are, energetically speaking, a conscious, complex, dynamic matrix of information-rich frequencies. This energetic matrix contains the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual facets of who we are. Like our finger prints, each individual has his/her own unique frequency signature, and without this energetic matrix we do not exist. Energy truly is the Elixir of Life. Are you utilizing your energy optimally to create the day, health, and life you desire, or are you wasting and misusing your personal energy?

Most people unknowingly waste and misuse their individual energy. Compare it to winning the Mega Lottery worth $370 Million dollars. That is enough money for you and your loved ones to comfortably live the rest of your life, but not knowing the value of the money, you and your loved ones burn the bundles of Ben Franklins as a way to heat your home. Unknowingly, you are wasting and misusing the very thing that could provide you with what you want. The same is true of your personal energy – albeit not quite as vivid a story.

You may be saying “Great, but how does this affect me and my everyday life?” Bottom Line: Drink your elixirto create optimal wellness, happiness, and abundance. Pour your elixir down the drainand create/perpetuate disease, unhappiness, and lack. The quality of your life is critically affected by how you choose to use your energy elixir. Become more aware of your personal energy and how to better utilize it, and you will become the director your life.

Through a series of feature articles, “The Energetics of Everyday Life,” in my Newsletters, I will share simple, yet profoundly effective tools that enhance your ability to make the best use of your Energy, and ultimately create and live your best life. No need for a PhD in Quantum Physics or Human Physiology in order to better utilize your energy. You just have to be willing. Ask yourself “If I try the suggested tools, am I willingly to be pleasantly surprised by the outcomes?” Simple, yet it creates a necessary opening and shift in your awareness.


First, start each morning by saying aloud I AM WILLING TO BE PLEASANTLY SURPRISED TODAY– Don’t over think this. It doesn’t matter by whom, what, where, or how, you are pleasantly surprised. What matters is your WILLINGNESS to be pleasantly surprised. Second, make a conscious effort, as your day unfolds, to notice any and all things that make you smile.  As the days pass, the number of joyful moments occurring each day will be more frequent, and you will be pleasantly surprised by the life circumstances that have found their way to you.

Your willingness and refocusing will start to shape and shift your days in a positive manner – filling your life with more ease and joy.

Until next time, Congratulations – You have started Drinking your Elixir- Enjoy!