Meet Sundara

Sundara Delphini – Energetic Intuitive & Owner of Joyful Alignment

Sundara Delphiniis an Energetic Intuitive, Master Bio-Energetic Healer, Transformational and Wellness Coach, and long-time spiritual understudy. Sundara's one of a kind and non-obtrusive procedures are intended to bring all body frameworks into arrangement to take into account ideal health and satisfaction.

Sundara's expert enthusiasm is to help augment mental, enthusiastic, physical, and

otherworldly health with the goal that her customers can carry on with their best life now. She uses a one of a kind, non-obtrusive, vivacious adjusting framework to encourage

health and change. Sundara thinks enabling her customers in their wellbeing venture is of fundamental significance. She shows basic yet significantly viable aptitudes

that enable her customers to proceed to enhance and keep up ideal health.

For about 17 years, Sundara has been joining different mending modalities –

Clinical Psychology, Naturopathic Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Sound

and Color Therapy, Quantum Bioenergetics and Intuitive Energetics – and

imparting them to her patients and customers. Throughout the years a gigantic sum

of individuals have encountered recuperating, individual leaps forward, and enduring

life changing changes. Sundara has coordinated her insight and

encounter into a Healing System called “Joyful Alignment”™in which she

consolidates her Energetic Intuitive capacities, Wellness Coaching, Transformational Coaching, and Daily Energetic Tools with her exceptional, non-obtrusive, bio-fiery adjusting framework.

Sundara furnishes customers with on-going sessions for improved health, in which her

customers get:

  • Help to expel lively blockages and move restricting fiery examples
  • Help in distinguishing and adjusting mental, passionate, and profound reasons for perpetual diseases
  • Methods to recognize and move profound established examples, convictions, and considerations
  • Vivacious help for profound level, enduring change and self-strengthening
  • Happy Alignment instruments that take into account ideal mental, enthusiastic, and physical self-articulation to happen
  • Keys to opening cognizant wellbeing and instruments to make and carry on with the most ideal life

Whether it is through her integrative Joyful Alignment Series™, her one-on-one
sessions, her co-authored book Reset Your Body, Reset Your Life“, her soon to be published bookAre You Living Intentionally Or Dying By Default?, her Energetic Tools and Kits, or her progressing articles in regards to Wellness and the Energetics of Everyday Life, Sundara is focused on offering her insight to others so they can encapsulate mental, enthusiastic, physical, and profound health.

Sundara’s Academic Achievements:
- Doctorate Degree in Naturopathic Medicine from Portland’s 4 year Naturopathic Medical School - Specialties:  Homeopathy, Botanical Medicine, Intravenous Therapies, Nutritional Counseling,  Wellness and Prevention.  Received  N.D.
- Master’s of  Classical Oriental Medicine & Acupuncture. Received M.S.O.M. and LAc 
- Master’s of Science in Psychology – Specialties: Clinical Psychology & Behavioral Medicine. Received M.S.
- Graduate of Tama Do’s Academy of Sound, Color & Movement - 3 year program.  Received a Certificate Sound & Color Therapist.
- Bachelor of Science in Psychology with Minor in Human Physiology. Received a B.S.

Sundara Delphini, M.S.,  M.S.O.M.,  CSCT,  N.D.

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